What to Expect From The Samsung S5 launch

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What to Expect From The Samsung S5 launch

The Korean company Samsung is all set to launch its next flagship product Samsung S5 by the end of this month. Anticipation is running high about its launch and it is expected to match in performance with Apple’s latest iPhone. In such scenario discussions about 5s price, specs and features are quite natural. The date for its launch is decided as 24th February in Barcelona, Spain.

Although the officials have maintained tight-lipped policy about not disclosing the latest features and innovations included in Galaxy S5 there are ample rumoursand speculations circulating in different circles about the cutting-edge technology in Galaxy 5S. Those who are awaiting its launch eagerly, here is a brief on what Samsung mobile phones customers may expect from the newest device.


One of the rumours about 5S that has surfaced repeatedly is its fully functioning and integrated fingerprint scanner. The screen of the phone had said to have a full-biometric reader as an enhanced security feature. But the latest disclosure about it suggests that the scanner is likely to be located in the home button of the phone like that is in iPhone 5s. But compared to Apple iPhone, the sensory scanner in Samsung set to be of lower grade. The customer might have to swipe the entire screen with his finger to register it. To use the feature the customer would have to move the finger across the home button keeping it flat and at a moderate speed. Or else, the scanner will not be able to recognize it. This can cause a little discomfort to those who have been looking forward to this feature.

While the much anticipated fingerprint scanner in the phone might fail to impressit doesn’t make the phone any less inferior to its competitor. The 5S is a trove of other excellent features to make it highly desirable with customers. The remarkable 16 mp camera will give it an edge over contemporaries. Along with QHD display of high resolution, the phone is likely to turn out to be a formidable photographic tool. Samsung is also expected to introduce new type of LED flash light such as – S5-bound for more realistic photos in low light.

The 5S will come with a 5.25-inch QHD display with 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, which will make it the highest resolution smartphone. Wider screen will show more content than before and crisper display will improve user experience in reading smaller texts or mobile gaming.

Samsung is also likely to introduce metal casing for new 5S. It seems that there would be two versions of the new phone – one with traditional plastic casing and another, the slightly pricy one, with metal encasing. It is a welcome shift since Samsung so far has remained one of the five leading smartphone manufacturers to use poly carbonate casing in its high-end devices.

The leaked information about Galaxy 5S also suggests that the company is going to introduce a brand new UI for users. Improved, high-speed processor – 2.5GHz quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU will enhance overall user experience by making multitasking smoother. Samsung has claimed that all its future version of smartphones will be 64 bit computers.

Let us check what the users in UK might expect from its launch at the end of this month.

  • Samsung is yet to announce the cost of its latest phone. But one can safely guess that the phone is going to be pricey. For the SIM-free version the phone might cost a hefty £600 to burn quite a hole in your pocket. Price wise it will be placed in the same bracket of iPhone 5S.
  • Faster processor that will match the performance of a 64 bit computer. The phone would contain Samsung’s very own eight-core Exynos 6 CPU.
  • Like Apple, Samsung is also expected to do away with side bezel in their latest 5S. Its bezel free look will offer side-to-side display. The wider screen will easily accommodate more icons as one may expect with the latest updated version of Android to contain.
  • Samsung Galaxy 5S will be available with all the leading mobile connection service providers in the UK, namely – Orange, Vodafone, T3 etc. In attractive contracts.
  • The upgraded 16mp camera will capture stunning photos and display through high-resolution screen of the phone.
  • The phone is also likely to be dust and waterproof.

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