What is a Better Wireless or Wired Mouse?

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What is a Better Wireless or Wired Mouse?

In recent times, it has been a passionate debate among the computer users whether they need to buy a mouse with a tail or no tail. Yes! Here the tail represents the wired or wireless. To be frank, there are the certain user’s who don’t think there is a big deal on that and they prefer to pick one and run with their schedule.

Currently, the input gadget mouse can be connected to the computer via below listed 3 ways.

  1. USB
  2. PS/2
  3. Bluetooth (Wireless)

The first two methods are wired option mouse; among those USB is the more popular than the old age PS/2 models. Literally, the PS/2 mode of connecting input gadget mouse is dead. The real debate that goes among the experts of the world is about, whether USB (wired) and Bluetooth (wireless) mode of connectivity is best.

However, when analyzed in depth both wired and wireless mouse has its own pros and cons. As per the engineer’s point of view both gadgets has its own valid scientific arguments that can be raised but outlining the features would be on the hands of the user’s according to their needs.

Wired Mouse

The mouse is a handheld pointing device that used as one among the input devices of the computer. The mouse works on basis of detecting two-dimensional motion signals. The first ever, demonstration of the mouse operation held on the year 1968.

Over the years, the mouse involved in various evolutions owing to that there are so many variants available in the current market.

Here are the lists of top-wired mouse

  1. HP X1000 Wired Mouse
  2. Logitech B100 Wired Optical Mouse
  3. HP X500 Wired Optical Mouse
  4. HP x900 Wired Optical Mouse
  5. Logitech B100
  6. Lenovo M110 USB Optical Mouse
  7. Dell MS116 275-BBCB Optical Mouse
  8. Intex Optical Jaguar Rb USB Mouse
  9. Amazon Basics 3-Button USB Wired Mouse
  10. iBall Style 63 Optical Mouse

All the above-mentioned variants of the mouse work by controlling the motion of the pointer in two dimensions with the aid of GUI (Graphical User Interface). The movement of the user’s hand converted into the equivalent electronic signals, which is responsible to move the mouse pointer in the computer screen.

Features of Wired Mouse

Many might have the thought that wired mouse is an old age gadget but still the features of the wired mouse outstand all the latest invention. Owing to that still, there are a significant amount of computer users are sticking with the mouse with the cable attached. Here are the few attractive features owned by the wired mouse.

  1. High durability
  2. Faster response time
  3. Cost-wise too affordable
  4. Better accuracy
  5. Perfect gadget for hardcore gamers
  6. No interference while operating
  7. No worries about battery life
  8. No need of a dongle

Preferring the wired mouse would be the best if you a heavy user of the computer. When compared with the wireless mouse, wired mouse operates at a bit faster and no worries about getting lag in its operations. As long as there are no obstructions between the mouse and the received users would not face any interference.

Wireless Mouse

Wireless mouse is the latest and advanced technology, the input gadget mouse came from this technology is easy to use and highly compatible. In most cases, the wireless mouse connects via Bluetooth connectivity.

These Bluetooth based wireless mice make use of the built-in Bluetooth antenna of the computer or laptop for connectivity. For computers/laptop do not have such built-in antenna, users need to attach an extra dongle, which acts as an external antenna and performs the connectivity with the external input gadget wireless mouse.

Here are the lists of top-wireless mouse

  1. Logitech MX Anywhere 2
  2. HP X3500 Wireless Comfort Mouse
  3. Lenovo N100 Wireless Optical Mouse
  4. Logitech MX Master
  5. Apple Magic Mouse 2
  6. Logitech Triathlon M720
  7. Lenovo 300 Wireless Compact Mouse
  8. Logitech MX Ergo Wireless
  9. Microsoft Bluetooth Mobile Mouse 3600
  10. Portronics POR-250 Quest Wireless Mouse

Features of Wireless Mouse

When compared with the wired, the wireless mice are more convenient to use. Wireless mouse is pretty in small and can be portable across the room, which is not possible on a wired mouse. In addition, a wireless mouse can be used on your home Television too, if you opt TV as your monitor and can able to control while sitting at your couch.

  1. Flexibility
  2. Looks better
  3. Portability
  4. Versatility
  5. Aesthetics
  6. Programmable buttons
  7. Compact Size

A few years back, the wireless mouse might cost a bit higher when compared with the market price of wired price, but those years are gone, now you there is much difference between the prices. However, if you need a better performance from the wireless mice you need to prefer the high-end gadget that will cost you higher.

You can also opt for comfortable ergonomic mouse.

Which to Choose Wired or Wireless Mice – A Final Thoughts

On considering the above-listed information, it is best to pick the relevant gadget that suite better for your requirements. When looking into the future, it is clearly pictured that the future truly belongs to the wireless gadget. However, for the normal computer users, it will not be a big deal when it comes to picking wired or wireless mice. It will be just a matter of a pick and run. But for the case of hard-core computer users its bit tough for them to pick the desired mice for their requirements.

With the advanced technology, wireless mice to matches the performances of the wired mouse but the price tag for such high-performance wireless mice is bit higher. It is sure that in nearby future the wired mouse too will be become the addition to that endangered species. But until the wired mouse would be safe and better to work for the computer users except for the younger generation who often sticks with the latest technology. Soon or later, the wireless mouse will be the one which going to rock the computer world.