New Mining Techniques to Make the Job Easier and Safer

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New Mining Techniques to Make the Job Easier and Safer

The mining industry has been in the business world for hundreds of years and is expected to grow at large as long as the precious metal will still be available. Some people may wonder where precious stones come from. The fascinating world of mining was not made known to people until they became curious about the business and how it affects the environment.

What Is Mining?

Mining is the main process used by engineers to extract different metals and minerals in the earth’s core to benefit the human population. People can access valuable substances which are developed to their advantage using this technique. Mining has not only offered these precious things to people but it also provided work for many individuals and good profits to business owners. Workers are paid well and the earnings are evenly distributed to the owners while the government has also its own share.


Mining has been considered as the biggest employer of men but the fears for the environment, the growth of various industries and the decrease in demand of work have decreased the performance of mining as a reliable income source in many parts of the world. However, this does not mean that the mining industry is gone. Although many people claim it has fallen out of fashion and favor, the demand for certain valuable metals like copper and aluminum is still increasing. Also, it is believed that the industry would still employ a number of workers around the world. Mining has been rumored as a highly dangerous occupation due to the stories of poor working conditions, flood, collapses and other dangerous situation that happened in the mining site. However, in these years the process has been made easier and safer to workers than before.

How Mining Is Made Safer To Workers

The development of various technological innovations that are useful to the mining industry has eliminated the bad concept about the mining process that has stained the people’s mind. There are specialized technologies used by miners to work safer deep underground and a lot easier than they used to.

Gas leaks are one of the major problems often experienced in mining. When working under ground, engineers and other workers may take a canary with them to check the level of dangerous gases on the site. The presence of the gases will be determined when the canary stops working.


The system that will protect the workers from breathing the dangerous gases is known as the mine ventilation system which uses a series of specialized fan working underground and the surface area of the mining site. These fans are designed to work perfectly ensuring that all the miners can breathe fresh air making the site safer and the work easier. Deep miners are also using mining compressors with other traditional mining ventilation tools deep underground where working conditions are more extreme than the other sites.

Another issue that may cause breathing problems to the miners is dust particles in the mining site. Coal dust usually causes a lot of problems to miners; the reason why dust control has now become one of the major part of the mining process. In this technique, they are using certain dust extractors to make the site safer to workers.

Accidents in the mining site are inevitable; however, these safety methods are able to reduce the potential risk that workers may experience in the site. The systems used in the mining industry have not only made the work safer but also easier and more comfortable for miners.