Why The iPhone Is So Popular – Here Is How

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Why The iPhone Is So Popular – Here Is How

Apple’s iPhone has sold hundreds of millions of units since it first hit the scene in 2007 and is singlehandedly responsible for creating the modern smartphone market, no matter what rivals Nokia and BlackBerry might have to say about the matter.

But what is it about the iPhone that makes it so popular and does it have the potential to remain a fixture for the foreseeable future, or could it be replaced by an even more successful rival?



Apple knows how to make technology look great as well as work well and you could argue that product design is its biggest asset and the main reason to recycle your mobile phone online to save up for an iPhone. The iPhone was a thin and aesthetically appealing phone in its first three generations, with the decision to ditch physical controls in favour of a touchscreen display working in favour of a cleaner, leaner look and feel than most of its contemporaries. However, the launch of the iPhone 4 in 2010 and the two subsequent iterations helped to push the limits of form and function even further, earning accolades for Apple in the process.



Once users have finished gawping at the outside of the iPhone, they start to experience it through the iOS platform and the huge library of apps that can be downloaded from iTunes. iOS is famously user-friendly and has retained its basic layout ever since it was first debuted, although a major overhaul for iOS 7 that is going to arrive later in 2013 should give fans something new to shout about soon. But arguably more important than iOS is the app ecosystem that surrounds it, with thousands of developers creating hundreds of thousands of programs and games, many of which are free or very cheap to acquire. Hit billion-dollar franchises like Angry Birds have risen to prominence thanks to the iPhone and there are more success stories just over the horizon. iPhone owners are nearly guaranteed to get apps before anyone else, not just because the App Store is a good distribution platform, but because developers know that their products will be going out to an engaged audience of millions.



For some people owning an iPhone is essential because of the prestige that this endows. Although it is almost impossible to walk down a street and not see someone with an Apple handset held to their ear or clasped in their fist, there is still a sense that this brand conveys a degree of exclusivity and prestige that is not present in rival models. While this may not be true from a technical point of view, Apple is well positioned to perform a balancing act that lets it get the best of both worlds; huge mainstream sales and a reputation for high end, premium products. In terms of the long term future of the iPhone, it is unlikely to be sunk by any rival because of the strong base of trust that has been established between Apple and its customers. While people may migrate to Android, BlackBerry or Windows Phone, the huge group of core iOS fans is unlikely to be persuaded away from their device of choice.

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