What is Mobile Cloud Computing?

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What is Mobile Cloud Computing?

Just like cloud computing, mobile cloud computing is the combination of cloud computing and mobile networks. The benefits are mainly for those on a mobile network, but the overall results are the same as any regular cloud service that you can pay for. Since the explosion of mobile gaming via smartphones, tablets and laptops, the online mobile cloud computing services have been just as popular. Giving plenty of storage and computing capacity for those that want to run applications, but do not have the storage to do so. There are a few companies in the world that offer the mobile cloud computing, including Verizon Wireless, Vodafone and Orange.

Smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and other handheld gadgets are all geared towards using the type of mobile cloud computing that companies like Verizon Wireless provide. If companies are going to offer mobile cloud computing, where everything that you would use a cloud service for is done so with a mobile device, there are some challenges they need to consider. Companies like IBM also offer mobile cloud computing services. According to the IBM website, the mobile cloud computing they offer includes a “discrete set of high-value middleware capabilities designed to be consumer by mobile applications”.

Mobile cloud computing services can help mobile applications develop as they grow. Mobile cloud services provided by IBM include platform-agnostic mobile application development, lightweight REST APIs, developer on-ramp via SDK and hiding server-side complexity. These are the types of features that you should be taking notes about when considering a company for your mobile cloud computing services. With the rise in popularity of online file storage and computing services, more companies are forced to provide features that can set themselves apart from the rest. Mobile cloud computing, although more common now compared to many years ago, is still growing.

The mobile cloud storage and mobile cloud computing are two different things, even though they sound similar. The term cloud is familiar to more people today than it was years ago, but that does not make it easier to see the difference. It can be quite simple, however; cloud computing is the practice of using a network of servers that can deliver hosted services over the internet. Cloud computing is a term that is used to describe a service that provides greater accessibility, mobility, pricing and real-time access to the information that you need stored.