VS-S720-10G-3C an Important Feature of the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series

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VS-S720-10G-3C an Important Feature of the Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series

The importance of a computer network is to transform data from one point to another. However, for that to materialize there are many things that need to be in place. Among them is always a virtual switching supervising engine. For someone looking for switching supervising engine with high-density uplinks and a system virtualization and rich IIP features, the idea is to fall back upon the very best. In addition, when one speaks of the best in the trade, that name is VS-S720-10G-3C. It is the ideal supervisor designed for the Cisco catalyst 6500 series. The great feature is that it boasts of 10 gigabit Ethernet series and is the first of its kind. The IPV6 hardware installed in it is also an added bonus.


A virtual switching supervisor is defiantly an added advantage if it is easy to deploy. Moreover, increased operational efficiency and an increased bandwidth should be some of the other features. The VS-S720-10G-3C excels in all these issues. The forwarding engine it posses is highly beneficial and it plays an important role machine to function properly. It also boasts of backward compatibility with all three catalysts of the 6500 series. Moreover, if there is a requirement to protect the computer network then this virtual switching supervisor engine can be trusted to perform a perfect job.

Therefore, for someone looking to operate a data centre these instruments will be more than a handful. There are plenty of stores dealing in Cisco products so someone on the lookout for this virtual switching supervising engine he/she is likely to run into stores all over the place. Another added feature of this machine is the presence of two-gigabit Ethernet small form factor pluggable ports. Besides, another gigabit port for additional flexibility. All links of the Cisco 720 can be active simultaneously despite redundant configurations. There is a huge increase in supervisor throughput from 48 to 82 Mpps. There is a total improvement in system performance to 450 Mpps in IPV4 traffic and 225 Mpps in IPV6 traffic. The Cisco 720 also offers sub second fall over rates and allows a much faster switchover to a standby supervisor.


It is a hardware based feature set, which can be trusted to support applications such as layer 2 and 3 MLPS. The term MLPS stands for multiprotocol label switching. One of the major advantages of the Cisco 720 is increasing in operational efficiency. It is flexible enough to be deployed in separate geographical locations. For someone on the lookout for nonstop communication this is the ideal hardware.
One of the major advantages of the Cisco 720 is that it eases deployment by using the existing multi layer switching architecture. It also looks to increase slot efficiency. The system looks to save slot for additional integrated services or high-density chassis. The system also looks to save bandwidth capacity up to 1.4 TBPS. It provides automatic or even load sharing by using the entire available layer 2 bandwidth across redundant Cisco 6500 catalyst series switches.

Therefore, someone on the lookout for higher performance can always be on the lookout for the Cisco 720 switches. Most stores or dealers selling them have online presence. This allows an individual to log in at his own sweet time and go through all the features on offer. These are ideal for use in data centers, distribution core or service provider networks. Networking operations are largely simplified once the Cisco 720 is in place. It also provides scalable switching facilities. Since, it is online they even look to provide online purchase options. Payments can be made via plastic money or use of the net banking system. They will provide shipping options but whether it is free or not will depend upon policies of that individual store or dealer. Once the Cisco 720 virtual switching supervising engine is now in place, things will be much easier and data transfer will take place in a much faster manner.