Understanding Data Recovery: Causes And Ways To Recover Lost Data

Robert Wolf April 28, 2015 Comments Off on Understanding Data Recovery: Causes And Ways To Recover Lost Data
Understanding Data Recovery: Causes And Ways To Recover Lost Data

In today’s digital world, data is the most essential factor in every field. While the reliability of data storage devices growing constantly, the data loss problem remains as it is. You may have experienced data loss frequently due to the power cuts, data corruption, hard drive failure or accidentally deleting a document or file. However, there are a number of data recovery techniques by which you can recover your important data.

Read on the following article in order to understand causes of data loss, data recovery techniques and working of data recovery.

Causes of Data Loss

Following are some of the major causes that are responsible for data loss.

File System Format

An attempt to format a file system can destroy information about the disk structure and previous files, but the erased data amount depends on the format of the system.

When formatting a file system, an empty file structure gets created in the storage and new information is overwritten below. The type of the file system is very important. If the types of file system vary, it may destroy user data by writing a file system structure to different locations.

If the types match, the structures are overwritten with the new file system structure and the existing file system structures are destroyed.

Deleting a File/Folder Accidently

Depending on the types of file system, operating system takes action when deleting a file. For example, Unix/Linux file system destroys file descriptor and makes the disk as freely; NTFS file system marks the file entries as unused and remove them from directory so that the disk space is marked as unused; Windows FAT marks the entries of file directory as unused and wipe out file allocation information.

Logical Damaged File System

The hardware failure or power loss is the main reason for logical damage to the file system. A file system with a high-level protection can prevent logical damages.

Working of Data Recovery Technique

The techniques and tools used to recover lost files highly depend on the data loss circumstance that is how the information was missing at the very first stage. The data that remains on the storage devices can be recovered in a safe way. But, once your data get overwritten, you cannot recover any information. Hence, you need to wait until recovery of the last file is completed before writing something to the storage.

There are many data recovery software which serves to get lost data back with utmost possible results. Typically, data recovery technique starts with the storage scan in order to find particular information about losing file systems or deleted files and bring together structures of all damaged file systems.

It is a best way to make lots of backups so as to prevent lasting data loss and take necessary steps to stop file corruption in the initial stage. As your data is extremely valuable it is highly recommended to take the help of professional data recovery specialist who has a great practical knowledge and experience and can greatly help you getting your data properly.