Top Five Blu-Ray Players Available Now

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Top Five Blu-Ray Players Available Now

With the Blu-ray format now firmly entrenched in the public consciousness as a high-quality alternative to standard DVD, the popularity of the format is continuing to increase. This rise in popularity can also be attributed to the excellent value for money that the majority of today’s Blu-ray players represent. As with all technology, when Blu-ray first appeared on the market the retail price of most of the players was prohibitive, with only the most hardcore of technology fans being tempted to purchase. Today, the story is completely different with most Blu-ray players just as affordable as DVD equivalents. Here are five of the very best Blu-ray players available today.

Samsung BD-F5500 Smart 3D


This player offers a wealth of fantastic features at an amazingly good price. In addition to the standard backwards compatibility with DVDs, this lovely little offering from Samsung has online connectivity and offers full HD 3D too. If you have a 3D television, this is definitely a Blu-ray player that you will want to consider.

Sony BDP-S390


Although this is not 3D compatible, the Sony BDP-S390 is one of the best budget Blu-ray players currently on the market and has already won awards in budget player categories. The crystal-clear, sharp picture quality of the S390 is its biggest strength, not to mention the sleek, stylish design of the player itself. Despite being part of Sony’s budget range, it still features online connectivity.

Sony BDP-S790


As its name would suggest, this is a couple of steps up quality wise from the Sony S390. In addition to being renowned for providing DVD player best buys, Sony also boasts a fine Blu-ray range. This should come as no surprise really considering that the company were the foremost champions of the Blu-ray format in the first place. The S790 is an award-winning player with an enviable list of features including 3D, online connectivity including access to the Sony Entertainment Network and a very clever smartphone control function.

Panasonic DMP-BDT130EB Smart 3D


Panasonic have long battled Sony and Samsung for the title of best manufacturer of DVD and Blu-ray players. This entry into the market is perhaps Panasonic’s best budget player with a great roster of features which could happily grace a much more expensive machine. Many people are loath to get rid of their DVD collection completely when purchasing a Blu-ray, so the BDT130EB boasts an up-scaling function which plays your old DVD movies in a much higher quality.

Loewe BluTechVision 3D


If budget is not an issue, the BluTechVision player will provide you with the ultimate in sound and picture quality. You will almost feel as if you are in the cinema with the 24p motion picture display providing stunning visuals of cinematic quality. This player does not come cheap however.

The choice of Blu-ray players on the market today is wider than ever. Luckily, the overall drop in retail price in recent years has not meant a reduction in quality either. In fact, the reverse seems to be true.