Top 5 Unlikely Predictions for Technological Advancement

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Top 5 Unlikely Predictions for Technological Advancement

There are times when wild predictions about technological advancements don’t actually come to pass; predicting the future of technology is always enjoyable, with futurists keen to provide their perspective on where we’ll be in ten or even a hundred years times. To this end, it’s worth looking at some of the more unlikely recent predictions for technological advancement. While remembering that technology is advancing all the time, with high speed networks and devices, what are some of the more ambitious predictions being made for technological advancement?


Universal Translators

Getting everyone to be able to understand each other has long been a concern for scientists, who have been trying to perfect the kind of universal translators seen on shows like Star Trek. Problems remain, though, in terms of fully solving the challenge of universal communication, despite the emergence of devices like Sigmo and Translate apps. Even with technology at our disposal, being able to accurately translate and fully understand other language without first learning them seems unlikely for now.


Various theories about what travel will become are available, many of which are probably not going to happen anytime soon. Amongst these are the suggestions that passports will become irrelevant, and that airports will solely rely on biometric data; getting the technology up to the right standard to prevent interference is difficult, as is making it universal. Other travel predictions that contain some major hurdles include space tourism for all but the wealthiest people, and flying cars or fully functional hoverboards.


One of the longest standing of technological predictions, immortality is a concept that has been explored through the use of robotic intelligence and nanobots; questions remain, though, over whether or not this kind of technology is actually feasible. The challenge of reversing or significantly slowing aging through changes to the human body and special diets or substances is also one that involves many mysteries and a reliance on fantasy, rather than scientific fact, to support claims for immortality.

A Complete Switch to Mobile Devices

Predictions are occasionally made over whether we’ll completely switch over to using mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, rather than laptops and PCs for carrying out tasks. The increasing sales of tablets and smartphones compared to computers seem to support an argument for more people opting for an alternative to computers. However, there are also arguments that indicate how people are much more attached to traditional forms of computing than recent retail figures suggest, and that mobile devices will remain more of a complement to them in the future.

Universities Being Replaced

One of the more ambitious technological predictions that have been made in recent years involves universities, and schools in general, being replaced by online learning and self-learning. However, criticism of this plan has focused on how universities and schools are more likely to adapt and integrate technologies, rather than cut budgets and make significant changes. In this context, the essential DNA of universities is unlikely to alter, even when technology does become more advanced.

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