The Best iOS & Android Image Sharing Apps for 2015

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The Best iOS & Android Image Sharing Apps for 2015

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Today’s smartphones make it possible to take photos that would put the quality of some digital cameras to shame! With megapixel lenses and LED flash units, it’s now easier than ever before to take the perfect picture.

What I love about these modern mobiles is that you also have plenty of ways to share those snaps you’ve taken! But what are the best image sharing apps for the Apple iPhone and Android devices? Here’s a roundup of some of the best:


One of the most popular image sharing services is Instagram. The app is free to use and so is the storage facility for your photos. It’s a social sharing service that is similar to Facebook and Twitter, the latter owning Instagram.

You have a profile, and your friends are known as followers. When you post up a new image, it shows up in their “feed” and they can “like” the photo and comment on it too. At the time of posting, you can also write a description and include hashtags and URLs.

Issa Asad of Florida says that you can also monetize your Instagram profile. The URLs you put on your photos can link to retailers that give you a commission on any sales made through your link. Handy when you’re taking snaps of things like new shoes or handbags, for example!


Sometimes you might want to take a photo and share it with your friends. But you don’t want to photo to exist for a long period. Snapchat offers a service where you can set a time limit for any images shared.

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Once that time limit expires, the photo is deleted forever! You have the option to specify how long it is before the image expires. People often use Snapchat to take funny pictures, and just to capture a moment rather than take a good photo.


I’m a huge fan of Flickr! Owned by Yahoo, It’s an image sharing service where you can store and categorize your photos. The site is used by those that take professional images (i.e. photographers). But the fact is anyone can use it.

You get around 1TB of storage space for free, and you can assign licenses to your images. For instance, you can give your photos Creative Commons licenses. That means you allow people to download and reuse them for their projects.

Another neat feature of Flickr is that you can make your images public or private. You can also assign information like tags, camera details and other meta information to each photo. Years ago you could only use their website to upload your best pictures.

But, thanks to their iOS and Android apps, you now have the same functionality from your smartphone.


Last, but not least, there is Dropbox. It’s a service that lets you store your files in the cloud so that you can manage them from any device around the world.

I use Dropbox for storing important documents and images. The great thing about the Dropbox app is that you can enable the automatic upload feature. Handy if you hate the thought of losing your pictures when you change phones!