Technology Inspired Consumer Engagement: The Future of Visual Merchandising

admin November 17, 2014 Comments Off on Technology Inspired Consumer Engagement: The Future of Visual Merchandising
Technology Inspired Consumer Engagement: The Future of Visual Merchandising

People love Brands. How many times do you see people walking down the street with Beats headphones just because they like being seen with the logo on their bodies? How many people buy Under Armor Sportswear because it is somehow superior to other brands, versus the number of people who buy the brand because they simply want to be seen wearing the brand?

There is nothing wrong with this behavior, and it is great for both the brand, the individual and future consumers. Why? We have a high quality of life when we feel connected to something bigger than ourselves.

When we identify with a brand, we identify with other people who engage with that brand. All of a sudden, you have a community inspired by the brand of different people who come together with at least one commonality.

This engagement is leading technology innovators to develop visual, socially engaged websites where the product sales are generated by user content and social sharing. We have seen this on a smaller scale with sites like Polyvore and Pinterest.

A newer site takes this concept to the forefront of their business. myWebRoom is a brand that allows people to create their own rooms and populate those rooms with the products that interest them. As an example, is a room designed by user “dilan with a sports related theme and the sports related products that he identifies with.

This idea works for the brand, the person and the general consumer. Here is how.

The Brand benefits because this is social proof. The brand gets to advertise without advertising. What is more effective than a regular everyday person mentioning their brand in a visual way that ties the brand into that person’s way of life and style?

The person, in this case dilan, has a sense of belonging. These products are part of his identity. He feels to be a part of these brands. His engagement makes him happy and content.

The biggest winner is the general consumer. We have all seen people wearing something or carrying something that we wish we could find in stores. With myWebRoom, you can find items that fit your style, interests and hobbies, and in a lot of cases these are items you never knew existed.

This innovation is bringing everyone together. It creates a social community atmosphere where people can both share and explore and realize a higher level of engagement between brands and their influence in hobbies and interests.