Sony Xperia Z Vs Samsung Galaxy S3 – Compare Features

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Sony Xperia Z Vs Samsung Galaxy S3 – Compare Features
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With the start of the new era of technology mobile industry have taken space in providing awesome gadgets. The fully loaded Xperia Z is a very splendid phone and flagship among the new generation gadgets. Samsung Galaxy S3 is not far left behind as this is also one of the wonderful aesthetic Smartphone of the generation.



Samsung Galaxy S3 has already been released few months ago and attracted the attention of millions. Thin and sleek designed with perfect edges with multi functionalities pulls the attention of the viewers. Although, Samsung found the attention of the critics complaining that the plastic materials used to design the phone gives it a cheap look and a normal device, it has successfully attracted few people towards the Samsung Galaxy S3. However this has turned out advantageous to the Sony as the well designed and stylish panel has made the company boasts of the new model Sony Xperia Z. The appealing and fantastic body of the layers Xperia Z has taken the attention of the users.

Features of Each Device


Let us discuss about some of the features of each device to understand what they offer. Samsung Galaxy S3 ships with 4.8 inch super AMOLED capacitive display. It consists of 1280×720 pixels HD resolution. It has a pixel density of 306ppi. It has s clarity of texts better visuals. Some of its additional features are additional display support, ambient light sensor, and multi touch and proximity sensor. Conversely, Sony’s Xperia Z possesses a 5-inch LCD screen and consists of a HD resolution of 1920×1080 pixels. When it comes to pixel density, it is 443ppi. You can find crisp images and clear test in Sony’s Xperia Z. Sony has equipped all the other features as found in Samsung such as additional display support, ambient light sensor, and multi touch and proximity sensor.



The tech giant has provided Memory storage of 16GB and expansion of 64GB and a removable micro SD and micro SDHC card option in Samsung. Whereas the Memory in the model of Sony’s Xperia Z one can find 16GB memory with expansion of 32GB and there is a micro SD in it.



The front camera is 1.9 Megapixel and the rear camera is 8 megapixels in Samsung galaxy S3 and in Sony Xperia Z the front camera is 2 Megapixel and the rear camera is 13 megapixels. Both Samsung and Sony’s have Android’s operating system and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean operating version. In multitasking facilities both provide versatile features and work with good speed and are quite user friendly. The user interface is Touch WIZ in Samsung Galaxy S3 and Android in Sony Xperia Z.

Thus it can be concluded that the display is better in Sony Xperia Z and the storage is better in Samsung Galaxy S3. When it comes to additional features both phablets provide excellent and multi tasking facility. Both are quite user friendly enabling a user to learn the device applications and keep going with it. Thus both are as good as each other, in responsiveness.