Social Media’s Effects on Human Relationships

Sebastian Hirsch February 23, 2013 Comments Off on Social Media’s Effects on Human Relationships
Social Media’s Effects on Human Relationships

Social media has become a fascination among people in their day to day life. It has brought out a massive change in the lives of people in different ways. In the past, people were divided by seas and nations. But, today although they are seas apart, they are united in instant time through social media and social networking platforms. Social media is popular among people for two reasons. Firstly, it is an ideal way to get in touch with old friends and renew relationships. Secondly, it offers a much easier and convenient way to communicate with people.

Role of Social Media on the Global Scale

Social media connects folks all over the world in instant time. The world has become a smaller place to reach with a number of networking platforms. With just a click of buttons, you are able to share your views and upload videos and photos with friends all over the world. Its something interesting as you stay in touch with your friends and also get many new connections personally and professionally. The key advantages of social media include

  • Instant communication with people
  • Building strong relationships
  • Freedom to speak and share your views

Impact on Human Relationships

Getting a friend is simple and you can become a friend with anyone whom you like. When you look into someones profile, you can list them as your friend if you are interested in the profile. Its more of a matter of fun in relationships rather than carrying more emotional values. Folks spend a lot of time in the web getting into social media platforms and interact with different people. As they view different profiles and posts, they get some ideas and also take it as a motivating factor to develop them. Also, many people concentrate on comparisons with different people. This is good on one side but, does lead to problems if taken much seriously. Through social media, one can

  • Share your ideas with people
  • Develop relationships with people
  • Learn and get better exposure to public life
  • Fade away the inferiority and mingle socially
  • Wipe off loneliness
  • Know more about friends

Social media should be a part of social life and not taken into personal life for any reason. There are circumstances where people get to know things that arent aware of about their family or friends which hinders their relationship. In general, it is a healthier way to stay connected globally rather than restricting your network to a smaller scale. But, you need to keep in mind that it is just part of you fun or learning activity and it shouldn’t take the time that you have fixed for your dear ones or any other work of chief priority. There are people who strain too much in the night hours sitting on chat and videos. This cannot be considered as a healthier way to promote them individually. It is essential to get involved and make best use of social media to grow globally.