Reason for Galaxy S3 to Be Preferred More than iPhone 5

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Reason for Galaxy S3 to Be Preferred More than iPhone 5

Smartphone’s are a buzz in the recent days and they are beneficial in different aspects. It is obvious for busy people like the business do not prefer to miss out any important email or phone calls and they wish to store them as a secure and convenient data. The Smartphone’s are especially designed to satisfy expectations of businesses and there are thousands of benefits offered by them.

More Than a Mobile Phone


These are phones are more just than the ordinary cell phones and it gives instant access to internet. Each and everything is present in the internet and it is not much difficult to browse web with the use of these mobile phones.

Uses of Apps


These phones allow to get connected to the desktop computers and work with them. One of the remarkable advantages of using the Smartphone’s are the hundreds of beneficial apps given by them. New types of apps are designed on a regular basis and it increases the efficiency of using this mobile phones.

Choice for Smartphone


Shoppers of Smartphone have two implausible choices before them – Samsung Galaxy S3 and Apple iPhone5. As the starting price of both the phone falls into similar price, it is important for consumers to make comparison on the various features of the mobile phones and find out the most efficient phone for business.

Design and Build


Striking solid design is evident from the aluminum glass screen of iPhone5 and its screen inch is 4. Whereas, the Samsung Galaxy SIII made of polycarbonate is much more flexible and their screen is quite bigger in 4.8inch and acessorios galaxy S3 also available in the market.



The predecessor of iPhone5 was sticking to 3.5 inches screen, whereas it has now forwarded to the 4-inch retina display. But with the addition of half inch screen there is not much benefits to the users, such as bigger fonts.

In case of Samsung Galaxy SIII a 4.8 inch HD super AMOLED display gives a wider and brighter screen for high resolution display. Consumers can advantages of the bigger fonts, images, apps and many other features and viewing videos through the bigger screen gives an unusual experience which is superior to iPhone5.

Keypad or Keyboard


Keyboard of the iPhone5 has no difference from the native model launched in 2007. Those that are impressed with that keyboard will still like to operate with this model in which auto correct is almost accurate. It is easy to type and consumers feel comfortable to use it.

The Samsung Galaxy SIII has an appealing keyboard and it gives enormous options for users from where they can choose the keyboard on the basis of their typing.

Diverse Features and Competence


IOS6 from Apple gives a smoother experience and the apps load much quicker than ever. Diverse features and appealing responsive from the iPhone makes them a preferred choice for consumers.

Rich features of Samsung Galaxy SIII are the reason behind many consumers opting to purchase it over than iPhone5 and also acessorios iPhone 5 are not very much available like Samsung. Some of the gimmicky features of the Samsung Galaxy SIII lot more than iPhone and there are endless possibilities with this Smartphone.

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