Protect Your Children From Cyber Bullying With The Help of Keylogger Software

admin February 18, 2015 Comments Off on Protect Your Children From Cyber Bullying With The Help of Keylogger Software
Protect Your Children From Cyber Bullying With The Help of Keylogger Software

The online world is not only growing at a rapid pace, the hostile and inappropriate activities on it are also increasing on a massive scale. And, this is particularly dangerous for the children surfing online. Parents across the world are finding new and innovative ways to teach their kids about surfing online safely, and keeping them from engaging in explicit and adult oriented sites, chatrooms and other restricted zones on the internet. However, the children are getting smarter, and their curiosity to explore the unknown, at times, leads them to rogue elements and explicit zones on the internet. And, this can have grave consequences. However, thanks to the keylogger software, concerned parents can now keep a close watch on their kids’ online activities, without them having any idea that their online activities are being watched. It infuses the confidence in the parents to allow their kids the freedom they seek when surfing online. Here are the few ways keylogger software, such as the one found on, can help parents protect their kids from cyber bullying and online threats –

  • Keylogger software operates in a stealth mode, and is undetected. And, thus your kids would never feel suspicious or restrict their online activities, as they would never know they are under surveillance.
  • Parents can get the fulled details surfing history from the keylogger software, which would give a comprehensive idea of what the kids were surfing, and if there is any activity that should be checked or dealt with.
  • Keylogger software also stores the passwords and user names of the social profiles of the users, which can help the parents to silently enter these profiles later on and check if anything suspicious is going on.
  • Keylogger software also stores the chat and voice conversation logs, which would give a perfect idea if your kids are being cyber bullied, and if any corrective measures need to be taken immediately.
  • Parents can feed keywords in the keylogger software, which would alarm the parents through various mediums that their children are trying to enter sites or restricted zones on the internet, not deemed suitable for them. It would make sure that your kids do not engage in activities or enter online venues where rogue elements and cyber bullies are present and ready to attack.

The keylogger software has become an absolute necessity these days for the parents to keep a check on their children’s online activities. There are many rogue elements out there, who would not think twice before exploiting the innocence and vulnerability of your kids for their own personal gain or malicious intentions. And, if the online activities of the children go in a direction that it should not for a prolonged period of time, the result can be disastrous. Not only can it lead to physical or material loss, but it can also leave a lasting impression on your kid, which in the long term has the potential to have grave consequences, mentally, physically and personality wise. The benefits mentioned above would collectively help you in ensuring that the online activities of your kids are supervised, monitored, and even controlled, just the way you want it. It would protect your kids from cyber bullying and other emerging online threats, which just keeps on getting intense, severe and more frequent with time.