Must-Have Social Apps for Your Smartphone

Sebastian Hirsch April 22, 2014 Comments Off on Must-Have Social Apps for Your Smartphone
Must-Have Social Apps for Your Smartphone

Sharing videos and photos, chatting with friends, uploading and downloading pictures and messages – people do all these through social media. Today, most smartphone users have social networking applications on their phones. So, just by using their smartphones they can do social media networking on the go!

Too many apps to manage

With so many applications in the market today, there is an “application overload”. If you need to manage accounts in multiple social networking sites, you need to download apps dedicated to each. However, if you download an application like HootSuite, you can manage your Twitter, Facebook, Foursquar, and LinkedIn accounts with it. With an app like HootSuite, you can schedule posts in advance, and post common information in multiple social networks simultaneously. You can prioritize the updates most important to you. This application can be installed to Android, iOS, and Blackberry. It is a freemium app with the possibility to manage countless apps.

Sharing is not fun without the right apps

An app called Path is actually a “smart journal” that records and shares whatever you’re doing on Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and Tumblr. Path shares data either automatically or whenever you choose. Your Path friends can respond, comment, and emote on whatever you share.

Social Networking also includes instant messaging

The multi-protocol chat app Trillian supports all major IM networks like Yahoo, Google Talk, AIM, and Jabber. Trillian replaces all your chat apps with a tab-based interface. It helps in keeping track of multiple conversations. Trillion is available across Mac, Blackberry, Android, iPhone, and Windows.


Location-based social networking

There are many location-based social networking apps that are capable to track your location. Thus, these apps can perform pre-programmed actions based on your present location. There are SMS plugins, Bluetooth plugins. These are interesting applications that can automatically reply that you won’t read any message till break time. With it, you won’t have to text while driving or walking on the road.

Group Video Chatting is always fun!

If you are thinking of social networking on your mobile that allows group chat, you can install FaceTime, Skype, and Tango. There are also other chatting applications like Google Plus. These video chatting apps are also known as ‘Hangouts’. You can join Hangouts by using Google Plus Web interface. With Hangouts you do not just chat with friends and family, but can also help you to plan meetings and events, and even broadcasting any event.

These are some of the types of social media networking applications that you must have in your phone. These applications will help you to stay connected with your friends and family members 24×7. Using your phone for video dictionary has multiple benefits. A few of those are listed below for your reference:

  • You can stay updated on the status and posts of your near and dear ones.
  • You can ping your friends and colleagues on the go.
  • You can also make sure that you are not missing out on something that your friends know.

So, do not ignore the importance of doing social media networking. You must choose a suitable social networking application for your phone too!