Mobile among the Biggest Growth Platform Online Series

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Mobile among the Biggest Growth Platform Online Series

Since the launch of the iPhone in 2007 smartphones have become the most wanted gadgets worldwide. After Android was launched, the market was flooded by a huge variety of smartphone models – some are cheap, others are utterly expensive, some have strong hardware and the latest OS, others have limited capabilities and outdated versions of operating systems.

Given the great variety of hardware platforms and software versions available on the market, developers have the toughest job of them all. They have to make their apps run on the most various hardware, and on a variety of operating systems versions, so they won’t disappoint their customers and the users of their products.

Mobile is among the biggest growth platform for a series of online industries, such as social media, payments, shopping and gambling. The least of the previous list is where we can observe the most obvious use of mobile for growth, so I will present two examples of cross-platform solutions from this industry.

Unibet – All Popular Platforms

Unibet is a Swedish online gaming operator, and one of the most important in its area (Northern Europe) and the rest of Europe. It emphasizes on recreational players rather than professionals, so entertainment is in focus every time.

Unibet has chosen to launch its range of mobile services on the most popular two platforms on the market today – Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android – and, unusually, for Windows Phone 8 as well. Besides, it has a mobile platform that is accessible through a mobile browser window, offering its users of devices running various other operating systems an alternative solution.

This strategy has worked for the operator – an important share of its customers uses a mobile device to access its services, and mobile is responsible for an equally important part of its revenues.

This solution has a disadvantage, though, as I mentioned earlier – the huge variety of hardware and software versions used by customers. The operator has two choices – either limit the services offered through its mobile apps to those that will surely run on any device, or to limit the app’s support to a certain minimum hardware and software requirements, thus locking out hundreds of thousands of potential customers.

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Casino La Vida – One Platform to Rule Them All

Casino La Vida is at the other end of the spectrum, limiting its mobile offering to a single – probably much cheaper – solution: a mobile browser version of its services. Its operator – Digimedia, a company registered and licensed in Malta – is nowhere near the size of Unibet, neither in its user base, nor in its revenues.

Its mobile solution is well designed, properly put together, and has the advantage of working on any device with any operating system capable of accessing the internet and running either Flash or HTML5. Still, this is considered a much less professional solution when compared to providing native apps, and limits the possibilities of offering extra services to customers.