Microsoft Surface Pro and RT or Apple – Which Tablet is Your Preference?

Sebastian Hirsch March 4, 2013 Comments Off on Microsoft Surface Pro and RT or Apple – Which Tablet is Your Preference?
Microsoft Surface Pro and RT or Apple – Which Tablet is Your Preference?

Microsoft will come up with its two versions of tablet PCs Surface RT and Surface Pro – that will surely bring you a tough time for you. Why? It will surely be hard for you to decide the right tablet suiting your needs.

Surface Pro and Surface RT


With slim body Surface Pro, you can experience robust computing. This latest tablet is capable of performing all those functions that you generally can do in a laptop or a desktop. Surface Pro tablet is equipped with laptop processor giving you the high speed performance of iCore 5 you normally experience in any Ultrabook.

On the other hand, Surface RT is designed for casual computing like video streaming, browsing the social networking sites, email and the internet. This tablet will run on Nvidia ARM-based Tegra 3 processor. The advantage of this processor is it uses lesser power than the Intel processors. In this Surface tablet, you can only use those apps that are present in the Windows Store of Microsoft.

Now, the natural question that might crop up your mind is what are the apps that will be available in the store?

The Diverse Surface Apps What can You Expect?


Surface RT is featured with Metro interface from Windows 8 of Microsoft. This interface doesnt allow you to use your already existing desktop apps. You need to purchase the new Metro applications from Microsoft Windows Store. It is the sole way of getting Metro apps. Microsoft makes an attempt to provide high grade apps along with the launch of Windows 8 OS.

Windows software firms are also including programs in Windows 8 Metro Store. You will find Microsofts Office apps in Metro version in the Surface RT tablet. All the Windows Store apps will not be available for you. Windows Store will be filtering apps on the basis of the device you use. That means you will only be able to enjoy the apps which can operate on your tablet only.

Another great advantage of the Surface tablets is they have multi-device flexibility? What is it? As you have seen that you can only use those Windows apps which are capable of running on your tablet, you can also install and add purchased apps on at the most 5 machines desktops, laptops and tablets. This multi-device flexibility raises the level of Surface tablets over Android or iOS tablets.

Now, having known about these apps, you may be concerned about their pricing. How much do you have to shell out for getting these apps? These Windows apps are available at an inexpensive rate I comparison to its competitors the iOS and Android.

The Radical Strategy from Microsoft


Surface is the creation of Microsoft and Microsoft is known to have changed the whole nature of computing. Microsoft has also known to have produced Windows hardware of its own. Now, with the emergence of Windows 8, Microsoft ensures its users to get Windows 8 tablets. HP, the renowned PC manufacturer, designed the Windows 8 tablet PCs for the business group. But Microsoft has taken a step ahead and though to reach to the consumer market with its fascinating flagship device.

Apple is known for its successful discovery of the iPads. However, tablets are quite different from the desktops and laptops. Apple controlled the functionality and designing of both its operating systems software and hardware of any of its devices. These two elements function in integration to provide you smooth and seamless computing experience.

Similar case happened with Google as well. Google too after much hassle after the release of its Android tablet, finally launched its own Android tablet in the month of July. Next comes the Microsoft, which with its Surface tablets has created a device having their own operating system. What Microsoft has to say about its Surface tablets is in addition to the integration of Windows operating system in its tablets, there is other range of stunning features in the Surface tablets.


The Surface tablets offer you peripheral compatibility, robust drivers and software inter-operability, which is an inherent feature of the Windows. Another surprising addition is its compatibility of using the Metro apps from Microsoft Windows Store in around 5 devices including your desktop, laptop and tablet. This is a computing Shangri-la which you will find neither in Android nor in iOS devices.

With Microsoft Surface entering the computing world, PC cab become the post era. The contents and features of Surface RT and Surface Pro are very rich. The Microsoft Surface tablets can provide you the ultimate pleasure of music and movies. Get any of these tablets to experience the recipe Microsoft has in store for you. These tablets throw a tough competition to the Google and Apple.

In terms of camera, storage capacity, connectivity, design, display and every other specs, Surface Pro and Surface RT stand in a neck-to-neck position. Will you jump for the Surface tablets or stick to the older tablet versions?