Is the comeback of short clips of video is due to Tik Tok?

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Is the comeback of short clips of video is due to Tik Tok?

You might have heard or seen the short video clips of Tik Tok. Tik Tok is basically the social media app that provides the option of making music videos. It has the feature to make and post short video clips that are based on various songs or music. Users have to lip synch or they can dance on the beats to make the videos and share them with the friends.

If you are not aware of Tik Tok then you might have heard about the very famous and well known music app Musically. Musically was basically rebranded as Tik Tok back in this August after when its parent company known by the name of ByteDance acquired it the previous year November 2017.

If you have the app in your cell phone or have not, this app has made its name fast and it worth a try. According to a recent research done by the apptopia, Tik Tok has become the app that is growing fast and the download of this app worldwide has been up to 20% during these three months. While, if we see the download of this app in America, it is up to 25%. According to the research, people are downloading the videos from Tik Tok more than they are downloading them from Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

After knowing these facts and figures, we wonder that how Tik Tok has made its name among the social media users. Social media followers were addicted to these apps like Instagram, vine, dubmash, and musically. But after they were demised, there was a gap which was perfectly filled with the new music app Tik Tok. People started making their videos on this app again and the downloads of this app got more increased as compared to the giant of social media channels like Youtube and Snapchat, etc.

Tik Tok allows the users to make the short video clips through this app. They are restricted to make the videos of up to 15 seconds. But they can make longer videos by making the string of various videos combined together.

The fame of this app and its use has become increased with the launch of the new feature, known as the reaction feature in which the users are allowed to make reaction videos along the original video to make it more funny and attractive. People have liked this feature much and that is why Tik Tok has 130 million users now. The number of users is getting increased with every passing month.

Research has suggested that this app could become the next famous vine app or the snapchat. With the growing interest of the people towards this app and increase in the download of these short videos, we can certainly say that Tik Tok has played an immense role in enhancing the interest of people in the short video clips. They like these short clip videos and shot video clip culture is promoted by Tik Tok to a greater extend.