How to Use Screen Capture to Record High Quality Videos

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How to Use Screen Capture to Record High Quality Videos

More and more people are starting to realize just how useful it is to be able to record videos directly from their screen. In addition to being ideal when used to create video guides, screen capture is also a great way to save Skype calls and webcam chats as well as online video streams or live webinars.

If you want to record high quality videos using screen capture, it is important that you have screen capture software that will allow you to do so. To that end, you should give Movavi Screen Capture Studio a try as you will stand to gain from its powerful features as well as its easy-to-use approach.

In order to record videos using Movavi Screen Capture Studio, all that you really need to do is:

  1. Resize the capture frame to encompass the area that you want to record on your screen.
  2. Check the audio source that you want to capture.
  3. Start the recording by pressing ‘REC’.
  4. Stop the recording by pressing ‘Stop’ and save it by pressing ‘Save’.

Considering how straightforward it is, you will be able to start capturing the videos you need straight off the bat – without having to go through any sort of learning curve. If at some point you feel that you want more control over your videos, you can also set the frame rate and configure Movavi Screen Capture Studio to record keyboard and mouse actions.

With the presets that are included in Movavi Screen Capture Studio, you won’t have to worry about the format and video settings that you need to use. Just pick a preset for the device or platform you’re using, and let the software handle the rest automatically.

Assuming you would like your videos to look polished and professional, the video editing features in Movavi Screen Capture Studio will be your next port of call. With them you can start to cut and combine video segments, improve the video quality, fix common issues, apply special effects and filters, add audio tracks, insert customizable text and much more.

To put it quite simply, Movavi Screen Capture Studio will hand you all the tools and features that you need to record high quality videos and then edit and improve them further. More importantly it will practically gift-wrap these features with its intuitive approach – making screen capture convenient and user-friendly enough for even a beginner to take advantage of it.