How to Secure Online Store

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How to Secure Online Store

Ecommerce has changed the way we shop and transact. Online transactions have become a common way of life for many. This change has brought out the necessity of secure transactions and an overall secure site. Internet security is a major area of study. Cryptography uses the concept of public keys and private keys to share information and to identify that the other party is a trusted party. When a host has to contact the server, secure connections has to be established as a basic act of security and confidentiality. There is a proof that websites that use secure connections to contact their servers are less prone to security lapses and considered to be more secure than simple http websites.


What is SSL certificate

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL maintains a secure connection between a host and a server. When a visitor to a site has to transfer some confidential information to the server, a secure connection is established. If a website wants to have SSL, it should have a valid SSL certificate. This certificate is simply a digital file that will help in identification of trusted and verified sites. The SSL certificate has to be installed on the server. When it is activated, a padlock icon can be seen on the address bar of the website. Also the protocol will change from http to https indicating that the connection is now secure and encrypted. Rapid SSL Certificate can be obtained for the lowest cost and is quite comfortable to use.

Why are SSL Certificates Required & How to Get Them

It is possible for anyone to listen in on a conversation happening between a client and server that is not encrypted. When a client has to transfer some confidential information like personal details or bank details, and if the connection is not secure or encrypted, any eavesdropper can catch the transmitted information and use it for illegit purposes. SSL certificates are required to get a secure connection between clients and servers. There are different types of SSL certificate. comodo positive ssl is an entry level certificate used to validate the SSL domains. Users of a website will be able to understand whether a connection is secure or not by noticing the protocol used by the website. People trust in using websites with secure connections and hence it is highly important for any legit business to own one for the purpose of user confidence and security. These certificates are issued by Certificate Authorities. There are many commercial CAs that will assign SSL certificates for your website for a fee. Rapid ssl is often the most economical certificate.