How to Recover Data from a Dead Hard Disk

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How to Recover Data from a Dead Hard Disk

This age corresponds to a dramatic generation of data, in fact it is better known by the term “Big Data” and hence storage plays an indistinct role. Everyone loses data at some point of time. From recycle bin to the data storage servers of the Company or any IT organization, the importance and configuration data matters a lot in the data base management systems and procedures.

The data can be lost at any point of time and this situation puts you in a dilemma as how to recover data from dead drive or buy a new hard drive, if your pocket permits. There are many affordable data services in the market that will help you recover your precious, useful data back to the original form. The cost encountered for recovery of the data from any hard disk ranges from $300 to $1200, depending upon the type of recovery tool used and the guarantee that the data will not be lost again.

Actually, there are three basic ways to handle this particular situation:

  1. Accept that you have lost the data and move on
  2. If you are an IT professional, then recover data yourself
  3. Spend your pocket out to recover data from a professional data recovery service

First thing you should certainly determine, whether there is a hardware failure in the hard disk or the failure in some programming and hardware of your computer system that is causing some disturbing factors to the hard drive.

There are two ways that hard drives can crash:

  • Mechanical Failure: This is caused by the broken parts of your hard disk such that the hard drive always makes some telltale sound whenever connected through USB. The experts charge a huge amount of money $30 to $50 depending upon the intensity of the failure. Data recovery in Vancouver is in fact the major situation that most of the people are looking for. The amount these experts get is quite good as compared to selling a new hard drive because profit margins are always generated through accessories and repair services.
  • Logical Failure: This is the type of failure occurring due to the software issues or the problems arising out of programming defects. This system requires good programming skills and software techniques to recover the hard drive.

There are also specific 7 ways to recover your hard drive:

  • Inspect carefully the outside of your hard disk and power off the computer and restart, then connect the hard disk for checking loose points, hot spots for damage.
  • Plug in your hard disk with new cables and controlling mechanisms and try again if the complete system works well.
  • In case of PATA drive, switch the drive pin settings. If it was basically set up to “cable select”, then set it to “master” options. Plug it alone without the use of any device and try again if it works out well.
  • Try out with other PCI express cables and controllers to check the normal working process.
  • Plug the hard drive into another external hard disk case and connect with the external USB mechanism.
  • Connect the hard drive into another system and try again.