How Smartphones Help in Increasing your Business

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How Smartphones Help in Increasing your Business

There are many benefits to using smartphones in your business. Primarily, smartphones offer a way to increase connectivity between employees, making it easier to share material during projects and avoid downtime. Remote employees can also be connected to your main office using video conferencing, which can also be useful for sharing information during a conference or during a business trip. With a wide range of business specific contracts and packages available through services, it’s possible for companies to take advantage of increasing mobile speeds and apps.



Making sure that everyone in a business is connected during working hours is crucial. For employees that are out of the office during the day, smartphones can provide an easy way to stay in touch and share information using 3G and 4G. High speed connections can also be used to download information from an office network. Call packages can also be set up to enable low cost international phone roaming.


Employees can make use of smartphone apps to increase productivity and share data. Project management apps such as BaseCamp, and cloud sharing apps like Dropbox, can make it much easier for employees to communicate with one another. Different apps can also allow you to track expenses and plot trip itineraries, which can speed up claims forms through real time updates and processing of data.

Video Conferencing


When using smartphones, it’s crucial to be able to use VoIP and programs such as Skype to set up web meetings; call packages for international video conferencing can also be established, allowing employees to stay in touch with one another when travelling.

Remote Working

Employees that are out meeting clients, or that work from home, can; this can allow businesses to avoid significant downtime use smartphones and mobile internet to stay in touch when they’re away from their computer when remote employees aren’t easy to contact.

Improve Navigation

Employees can use map apps and GPS on their smartphones to check routes and locations for client meetings. When dealing with a busy schedule, apps can enable you to check traffic and public transport issues in advance.

Manage Social Media


Different social media accounts can be kept on top of by using smartphone apps; messages can be uploaded, queries can be responded to, and any complaints can be dealt with outside the office.

Carry Out Research

A smartphone connected to the internet can be invaluable if you need to check some figures, or if you have to access your company email to find out more about a particular meeting or client.

High Speed Downloads

With more networks emerging for 4G connections, it’s worth investigating phone plans that can grant you superfast mobile internet and downloads; with these features, you can enjoy faster connections and the ability to video conference and stream content without significant buffering.

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