How Colocation Hosting Can Help You Cut Business Costs without Cutting Corners

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How Colocation Hosting Can Help You Cut Business Costs without Cutting Corners

Colocation has been around as a server hosting solution for more than 2 decades now, but it has only recently come into the limelight. This is because, most businesses today need a website to stay competitive and this has led to increasing server costs for them. Colocation hosting is a way to save money without sacrificing server security. Let’s see now.

No Data Center Investments

Large, multi-billion dollar corporations have their own large data centers and server farms to manage their websites and large scale applications. However, most businesses do not have that luxury. With a colocation service:

  • Your servers are located in an advanced, professional data center
  • You do not need to spend time and money building your own data center
  • You can rent more space from the data center as your needs increase

Doing all of this with your own data center is not easy. You need to account for over provisioning, physical security, hardware and software firewalls, intrusion detecting systems. If you are an SMB, all of this is just too much overhead and can cost millions. Will colocation hosting, you can save all these costs and still get a high performance server.

Reduced IT Spending

A significant portion of costs in hosting your own server is spent on maintaining the hardware, replacing components, monitoring and repairing them. With colocation hosting:

  • The hardware is taken care of by the provider
  • Colocation services have dedicated IT professionals to manage servers
  • You can focus on developing and managing your applications and not worry about the hardware

With colocation, you do not have to bear the responsibility and cost of maintaining a data center, which involves expensive IT management staff.


Servers are very powerful computers with hundreds of components. They generate a lot of heat and need to be cooled using expensive systems. A colocation hosting provider can save you all these costs with:

  • Dedicated and multiple redundant power supplies and UPS systems
  • Temperature control systems
  • Intrusion detection systems
  • Fire protection
  • Flood protection

Meeting regulatory requirements with your own servers is a very time consuming and repetitive job. Colocation can save you all of this because the provider takes responsibility for these aspects.

Moreover, since it is the sole job of companies like to manage data centers and run them safely, they have specialized professionals and experts who will keep your server running at all times. Hence it makes a lot of businesses sense to choose server colo from 7L Networks.

Higher Bandwidth

Managing bandwidth for servers requires an expert on its own. You need to know how much data is transferred through your servers every month and provision accordingly. You also need to have enough spare bandwidth for traffic spikes as overload can slow your server down to a crawl. Colocation servers can provide you with dynamic bandwidth management, by letting you as much or as little as you need.

With all of the benefits that it provides, colocation is a no brainer for a lot of small and medium sized businesses. Unless you want to go with traditional shared web hosting or build your own data center, colocation simply makes a lot of business sense.