Grow Mobile App Retention and Drive Significant Business Results

Sebastian Hirsch June 16, 2014 Comments Off on Grow Mobile App Retention and Drive Significant Business Results
Grow Mobile App Retention and Drive Significant Business Results

As a marketer your initial mission is to discover where your target viewers are and where are they going? The answer to both these questions is – MOBILE.

Marketers get new marketing opportunities using mobile technology to connect with potential customers.

  • Mobile users invite you into an immersive and more personal facet of their lives.
  • Marketers can connect deeply with possible clients via digital channels.
  • Customer relationships that were fostered physically are now possible via software.

Mobile App Challenges

App stores are overcrowded, so the quality bar rises rapidly. Consumers download plenty of apps on regular basis, so they abandon your app or even delete it in a couple of months. As a result, your customer base is reduced or vanished. Application retention is the largest issue faced by mobile app environment.

Today, many marketers are shortsightedly focused on installation numbers. This input is essential, but they need to concentrate more on –

  • Increase mobile app retention to maximize LTV
  • Analyze and enhance ARPU


How to Enhance Mobile App Retention


Many app publishers work with analytics package available to understand client’s behavior within the app. They monitor consumer’s specific action watching the breadcrumb trails left behind. This allows app publishers to identify popular spots and exit places. Analytics helps to enhance your retention rate.

Engaging Your Customers

Connecting with consumers help to create a mobile app that drives better retention, high consumer satisfaction and ultimately attain your business goal. In mobile app sector, you can connect with consumers in three ways.

  1. Feedback – Embrace your most engaged customer’s feedback. They are keen to converse with you about the apps weaknesses they would like you to improve.
  2. Customer investigation – Tapping audience to conduct an investigation is a vital engagement mechanism. It informs the executive and marketing team to enhance the product. Engaged customers tend to stick around longer.
  3. Targeted & personalized communication – Online communication methods like e-mail blast, direct e-mail and advertising to discover your target makes your brand appear clueless. Using smart mobile in-app to generate communication and confirm in a personalized way lets your brand deliver one-to-one experience for each consumer.

Keep Active on the Internet

Having an active account on any social networking website will keep the user base nearby, which can be indirectly beneficial. Your users can chat about any issues regarding your latest application updates that you may have missed out. Social media is a great platform to persuade your app users and maintain app retention.

Keep Your App Updated

Users get somewhat bored with the same kind of content after sometime. Even though new app users are added to your customer base, you can lose your existing app-user base, if you do not update your app to keep them engaged. Renew your app on time and give users something new to play around.

Ideal Push Notification Campaign

Push notification is a powerful tool to encourage inactive app users to come back and use your app.

Important Tips to Consider

  • Don’t send numerous push notifications or else users may get frustrated and uninstall your app.
  • Push notifications will be sent to all your app users, so focus on some benefits that majority of users can take advantage of.