Fixing A Cracked Screen On A Smartphone

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Fixing A Cracked Screen On A Smartphone

While smartphones can withstand some jostling and small drops, improper handling and larger drops can crack the screen. It’s important to repair a cracked smartphone screen promptly, not just because it’s hard to see things on the phone, but also because the crack can get worse with time.

Dangers of Broken Glass

Smartphone screens are made primarily of glass so if you think you can continue using a touchscreen without risking cuts to your face or fingers, you’re wrong. You don’t continue using a glass when it has a crack because you know handling will make it worse and a similar concept applies to cracked smartphone screens. In addition, cracks in the screen can expose the interior of the phone to toxins, environmental debris and moisture and this compromises the usability and functionality of the device. Until repairs on the cracked screen are complete, use a plastic screen protector to prevent injury to yourself and further damage to the phone.

Common Problem

Considering how attached everyone is to their smartphones these days, cracked screens are a common occurrence. Dropping the phone, leaving it out in extreme temperatures and even running it over with a car or bike are common incidents that lead to a cracked screen or worse. A 12-month study conducted by SquareTrade found that 1/3 of all iPhone users damaged their phone during that year. When you add on the number of Android phone users in the world, that makes the number of people damaging their phone even greater. Fortunately, there are several options available when faced with a broken smartphone screen and if you choose to replace the phone, you may even be able to sell the broken one. If you’re interested in saving your phone though it’s a good idea to investigate all the options.

Replacing Cracked Smartphone Screen

Most smartphones have a separate display and digitizer. The digitizer is what you touch on the smartphone and it covers the display. A cracked cell phone screen usually just involves the digitizer and not the display underneath, but most screen repair kits include both components. Taking your smartphone to an experience repair shop is the safest course of action unless you’re very technically included and have dealt with repairing devices previously. Whenever you choose DIY smartphone repairs, you risk damaging the device further, invalidating warranties and voiding insurance claims—which is why we recommend using a professional cell phone repair service. If you understand and accept these risks then you can proceed with the repairs on your own after you have turned off and unplugged your device. Although every phone is different, the basic steps for screen replacement usually include:

  1. Removing the cover, battery, SIM card
  2. Separating motherboard from display
  3. Removing and saving connecting tape and ribbons
  4. Lifting screen out of phone
  5. Inserting new screen
  6. Reassembling phone using reverse steps of disassembly

If the above overly simplified steps sound intimidating to you, then it’s best to take the device to a trained technician for repairs. You can find more detailed instructions for replacing a cracked screen online but remember that you run the risk of causing further damage.

Benefits of Professional Smartphone Screen Repair

Choosing professional smartphone screen repair like Forever Wireless can be a good investment, as it usually won’t void the warranty. In addition, some repair shops offer their own insurance or warranties on their repairs. Manufacturers and third-party companies offer smartphone screen replacement and you should research both types thoroughly before making a choice. No matter which you choose you will be without your phone during repairs so you will need a temporary replacement phone to maintain communication and productivity.