Find Out Few Differences between Windows Apps and Android Apps

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Find Out Few Differences between Windows Apps and Android Apps

Immense growth of technology resembles in the emergence of some highly advanced iphones and smartphones. Numerous latest model phones are now available in the global market with many stunning features. Windows Applications and Android Applications are the topmost mobile applications in the mobile technology with many unique features.

Here are the few differences between windows apps and android apps in mobile phones.

Windows Phone Applications

Windows phones are the products of Microsoft Corporation. Windows Phone 7 and Windows Phone 8 are the highly advanced operating system with many outstanding applications.

Social networking facilities in windows phone are really amazing. In WP7, the facebook updates can be done very easily. Users can find out their facebook updates in their home screen that really make the process very simple and easy. There is also chance for the facebook users to update any information to their friends who are available in the contact list within fewer seconds.

Twitter is also the topmost social networking site which plays major role for the development of business. Twitt is the highly advanced Windows Phone Apps that really help every businessman to promote their products by posting tweets and uploading photos. Users can also check the tweet feed with pleasure in their mobile home screen.

Windows phone gaming apps are really much higher when compare to other Phone apps. There are nearly 63 inbuilt games in these windows phones where the mobile lovers will feel much pleasure to play them. Games with excellent graphical effects can be played with pleasure since the server speed is really much high.

Downloading various latest apps from the available marketplace is not much difficult one in this Windows phone. Users can download the latest updates from internet of their own and can enjoy the newly updated windows apps in your phone.

Google Android Apps


The revolution android apps in the mobile phones are really unimaginable. Millions of mobile users are utilizing android apps in their mobile phones and enjoying various features.

The swiftkey 3 keyboard system is the topmost google apps that help the users to type very fast in their own language.

Emergence of some attractive widgets apps that help the users to get a new outlook for their mobile phone or tablet which help you to ride away the boring layout.

Android apps for social networking has made every people to use the social networking sites like facebook, twitter, myspace in an excellent manner. There are few apps that took the social networking world to the next level.

iTookThisOnMyPhone is an outstanding android apps that really allow every mobile user to shoot photo or video in your phone and can transfer that data immediately to various sources like Facebook, youtube, picasa and many others.

Here is also an availability of anypost android apps that allow the users to upload photos and videos in all the available social networking sites within fewer minutes. There is chance for the users to view the last 25 messages that they received.

There is no doubt that both windows phone apps and android phone apps really make every people to get lot of benefits.