Android Travel Apps to Help You to Have the Perfect Trip

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Android Travel Apps to Help You to Have the Perfect Trip

In the past, phones were exclusively used for communication purposes. However, with the development of technology, more features have been loaded to the phones, giving them more value. The introduction of smartphones has replaced the traditional cell phones. The GPS, PDA and MP3 players have all become a common feature in android-powered phones, replacing computers. On the software front, several applications have been availed which make life more enjoyable. The most mind-blowing development is the introduction of android applications available for cars. The applications have a wide range of functions and features.


Research shows that fuel prices are forever on the increase. This makes commuting a contentious issue. The disparities in prices of fuel depending in different gas stations means that drivers will have to sometimes pay more for gas than what the normal price is. The difficulty of locating which station charges the minimum prices means that drivers have to bear up with the fraud from some stations. However, the android-driven iGasUp application gives the users the ability to analyze the fuel prices in stations. The application works in such a way that it gives the user the closest 10 stations and the charges. As such, the users get to understand where they can the cheapest charges, saving them some more coins.


At times, there is need to over speed in order to arrive at one’s designation in time. One problem for this is that one may run into problems with traffic police and the authorities. However, with this android application, such is not the case. With this application, the driver is able to scan the area for any secret police hangouts, speed traps and speed cameras. The internet capability of the phone plays a crucial role. The application alerts the drivers whenever they are in a restricted zone.


Cars are ranked according to their efficiency. In recent times, vehicles have been equipped with data centers that analyze the fuel efficiency and the average speed. However, with the TripAlyzer, such data centers are not necessary. This application ensures that one can travel from one point to another efficiently. One also gets a chance to track their driving information and habits. This application employs similar technology to the GPS.

Craftsman Garage Door Application

This android application is mostly used in garages. Most garages have door openers and remote controls that the owners use to close and open the doors. One problem for these gadgets is that it needs the owner to be somewhere near the garage. This means that if the owner is far away, he cannot dictate the garage doors. This is where the craftsman garage door application comes in. This application can determine whether the door is open or closed from any place in the world. As such, it plays a crucial role.

The GoPoint App

This android application is crucial in that it gives the car owners a chance to understand the diagnostic system of the car. It is always used hand in hand with an On-Board Diagnostics Port. The application is mostly used by mechanics in car maintenance.

The above android applications make driving enjoyable. It is important however for one to pass the book driving test before driving a car.