5 Ways you can improve your Magento Website’s Performance

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5 Ways you can improve your Magento Website’s Performance

Whilst Magento has a long list of pros including great functionality, SEO-friendly features and fantastic opportunities for extension, one of its cons is that it can be seriously slow. The fact it is such a resource hungry platforms means that if you do not optimise your Magento store properly, it could end up loading too slowly for users, resulting in them taking their business elsewhere. To make sure this doesn’t happen to you, we’ve suggested five ways you can improve your Magento website’s performance below.


Magento is great in so many ways but one of its weaknesses is its slow performance.
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1. Make Sure Compilation is Turned on

Our first tip that will help you improve your Magento website’s performance is to make sure that the compilation feature is turned on. Compilation is a feature that can be used by merchants using Magento Community 1.4 and above. It is designed to compile files and scopes into simple and easily accessible blocks of HTML and according to Magento will improve the performance of your website by 25 – 50%.

If you are not sure if you have compilation turned on or not, go to your admin panel and click System > Tools > Compilation and then ‘Run Compilation Process.’

2. Avoid Using Layered Navigation

Layered navigation is incredibly beneficial for Magento merchants will large product inventories; however it can contribute towards slow performance. If you do not have a large inventory, then it is probably better that you avoid using layered navigation as it won’t add anything to users’ shopping experience and will simply slow down your website.

To make sure you have layered navigation disabled, make sure your entire product anchor categories are set to no.

3. Enable Flat Catalog

Rather than having product and category information spread over dozens of tables making it complicating and time consuming for your Magento website to gather information for users, we recommend using a flat catalog. Magento’s flat catalog feature will allow you to build objects using a single database query from a single database table, making retrieval a much quicker process.

If you want to turn this feature on to boost your Magento website’s performance go to System > Configuration and choose Catalog. You will then need to expand the top panel that says Frontend and find the options ‘Use Flat Catalog Product’ and ‘Use Flat Catalog Category.’ Enable these by setting them both to yes.


Bad performance can put customers off from using your Magento website.
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4. Only Install Important Extensions

One of the benefits of using Magento as your ecommerce platform is that it can be integrated with a wide range of extensions and plugins. There are thousands of free and premium Magento extensions available that allow you to improve your website’s shopping experience for users and make it easier for you to manage your store. However the downside is that installing these extensions will slow your website down.

With this information in mind, we recommend that you only install important extensions that add a significant amount of value to your Magento website. If the extension does not benefit the user in anyway or improve your Magento store’s user experience, it’s probably not worth hindering your site’s performance for it.

5. Make Sure you are Using the Latest Update of Magento

Our final tip is to make sure that you are using the latest version of Magento. Every version that is released is intended to be better than the last and is therefore likely to help boost your website’s performance.

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