5 Security Risks IT Admins Must Not Ignore

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5 Security Risks IT Admins Must Not Ignore

There are many types of security risks that are involved with using an electronic device. Some of them are very harmful while some can often appear harmless. Security risks are also known as security threats.In order to overcome this problem, we use anti-virus. Anti-virus or anti-malware is a computer software which is used to block, detect and diagnose malicious software. One of them is Bitdefender anti-virus. It is engineered in such a way that it protects the device from e-threats and other malware.

User friendly interface, less battery consumption, ability to handle all security risks etc. are its striking features. In case of mobile devices also, its performance is good. One of its major advantage is that it helps the user find his/her mobile in case of loss or theft. Bitdefender Mobile Security provides cloud-based malware detection without battery impact. The following are few of the security risks which one shouldn’t ignore. Bitdefender Mobile Security protects the device from the following security risks.

1. Vulnerable Applications are the applications that contain flaws or harmful files which can be exploited for malicious purposes. Such kind of vulnerabilities lets an intruder to access private information, perform sudden actions, stop the device from functioning properly. Sometimes it also downloads harmful applications to the device without user knowledge. With the help of Bitdefender all the sensitive applications can be protected using a PIN code.

2. One of the most common mobile threats is device loss or theft. The mobile device contains important and sensitive information. In case of loss or theft of any mobile device all the information will be lost. If the antivirus software installed in the device has an Anti-Theft module which provides options to locate, lock or send a message to the Android device after its loss or theft, it will easy to track it.

3. Trojans: It is one of the most complex threats which is not easily detectable.This threat has a capacity to hide itself from anti-virus detection and disrupt the important information. It causes many types of harms like crashing the system, deletion or alteration of important files and texts etc.

4. Virus: It is another malicious program which causes harm to the device. It replicates itself and damages all the information along with the hardware. The eventual goal of a virus is to disrupt the function of the system or destroy the entire system. Other harms that a virus creates are consuming CPU time and memory space.

Worms: A worm is one of the most harmless threats which belongs to a sub-class of virus. It is nothing but a malicious program designed only to spread. It cannot modify the system but it can spread from one device to the other. Unlike virus, it has the capacity to travel without any human intervention.

5. Spyware: It is a malware which is particularly designed to spy on the user’s device. The main use of this spyware is to know the routine activities of the user so that the attacker can make use of the information and damage it.