3 Ways in Which housing.com Enables Home Loans Services Online

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3 Ways in Which housing.com Enables Home Loans Services Online

Housing.com is a real estate portal that is driven by technology and data analysis. This portal has managed to use data analytics to assess consumer demand and accordingly provide solutions to consumers trying to buy and sell properties. The portal has brought about some unique services and interfaces to help end users know more about the property markets and search for homes appropriately.

Assessing the demand from consumers, the home search portal also initiated home loan services to help home buyers find the financial resources to purchase the property that they search from the property portal. The housing loan services have been enabled online in the following three ways to offer a complete service solution to the end users.

Home Loan Guide

Anyone who does not know much about property loan can access the home loan guide provided by housing.com. This is a comprehensive guide which has been created to offer all possible information regarding home loans. The guide not only explains what the home loans are, but also explains in detail what all components are mandatorily assessed while procuring these loans.

There is a comprehensive insight into factors that could affect the home loan applications. Suggestions and advice has been offered for different situations which can cause financial duress to an applicant. Details like the importance of credit reports have been comprehensively highlighted to ensure that applicants are ready with a complete application with minimal chances of rejection.

The guide goes the extra mile by offering tips on how to service a loan once it has been sanctioned.

Home Loan Eligibility

Once an applicant knows everything about home loans, the next logical step is to assess his/her eligibility. Housing.com allows users to fill a simple form with their earning details. The resultant page allows the applicant to select a loan amount from a specified range. There is also the option to choose the duration for payback and with both these adjustments one comes to know about the approximate EMI and the down payment that the applicant will have to shell out from the pocket.

The applicant can independently modify the amount of down payment. It must be pointed out that on the basis of the earnings of the applicant, a minimum and a maximum down payment is calculated by the system and the user can rest assure that the minimum amount exhibited will have to be paid.

The approximate EMI details are visible in the form of a minimum and maximum EMI. However these amounts are not sacrosanct and can vary in the actual plan.

Home Loan Application

After a prospective applicant comes to know about the amounts involved in down payment and EMI, there are listed plans just underneath from some of the biggest lending institutions. Housing.com has tied up with some of the biggest lending institutions in the country to offer home loans to interested applicants.

It is the details of plans of these lending institutions meeting an applicant’s criteria that are listed in the same page. The details include the interest rates and the processing charges. All the plans being made available in the same page also allow easy comparison. Once satisfied, an applicant can apply from the same page and monitor the application by simply logging in.

In Conclusion

Housing.com provisions home loans to facilitate home buyers to both search and purchase houses from the same platform.