11 Effective Paid Marketing Tips for B2B Websites

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11 Effective Paid Marketing Tips for B2B Websites

Paid marketing is an effective strategy for businesses to use to increase customer loyalty, brand and product awareness, and increase profits. Many effective methods of paid marketing are out there, but they’re mixed in with those that might not be worthwhile of your money or efforts. If you want to get your money’s worth out of your marketing efforts take a look at these 11 awesome tips.

1. Understand PPC

Before something will work for your business, you must understand how it works. This is true for PPC advertising. PPC is not your usual type of marketing. Instead, it enables you to purchase ad space. You pay only when someone clicks on your ad. But this is just the beginning of what you should know about PPC.

2. Ensure Thorough Keyword Research

PPC is dependent upon the use of the right keywords for your products. It is imperative to your campaign that the appropriate keywords are used. Take time to research keywords, and never assume that you know the words people are using to look for products and services.

3. Take a Look at your Website

Yes, your website does affect your profits, the customers that will frequent your brand, and the overall opinion that others will have of your brand. It is important that you take the time to have professional B2B web design incorporated into the scheme of things since this is such a huge reflection of your company.

4. Compelling Ads

Your ads are an important factor in the number of people who will click your ads. Creating compelling ads will help your ad grab more attention and will result in more clicks. Your ad, the title of the ad, and the ad descriptions all should contain your keyword, and be written in a manner that intrigues and excites the web searcher.

5. Determine the Budget

Every business has budgets to maintain. There is no question your business does as well. Before planning any PPC campaign, ensure that you have identified your marketing budget. Include your expected ROI in the budget, your cost per click, and conversion rates when deciding your budget.

6. Create Relevant Landing Pages

The landing pages created for your PPC are very important. They must be relevant to the products/ services that you are selling. Use the targeted keywords in the landing pages, but ensure that the material is worthwhile and informative to the reader.

7. Speak to the Customer

Customers make the world go round, or at least keep your business afloat. When you create your ads, do so with the customer in mind. These days the customer wants to feel like they are a part of something special. With the right ad copy, their wish is your command.

8. Don’t Forget to Mobilize your Site

Responsive design is the actual name for it, but call it what it is: mobilizing your site. Around 85% of all web surfers do so through their mobile device. Of those people, 57% say they won’t recommend a business without a mobile site, or with a poorly designed site.

9. Don’t Forget Localization

If you are a business in California with only a brick and mortar location, an individual in Tennessee who views your ad probably won’t need your services. To avoid this, make sure that local web optimization is incorporated into things.

10. Great Offers

Give them what they want – a great offer. With an offer they cannot refuse, how can you lose?

11. Timing is Important

If you’ve heard it once, you’ve heard it 1,000 times, but there’s a reason. Timing is important when creating your campaign. Make it count.